California garden and landscape design with native plants.

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What is the zipcode of your garden, landscaping, or restoration?
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Note: If the search results come back too harsh or too soft pick a zipcode nearby your town that better represents your garden, landscape or restoration.

How often and how long you water during each season AFTER the first year?

Note: Follow the planting instructions on our other web site for the first year's watering. The entries below need to be based off the following years and will dramatically change your results. Barstow or Eureka, you're changing the ecology with water. Play with the watering season, how often you water, and the length of watering. The list will be as different as sun and shade, sand or clay.

How much sun is "the" plant being exposed to?
How well does water drain into your site's soil ?

Please complete the following test! You must test the drainage of your landscape or garden soil!!! All sites are different, some can take up to 30 days before the water is gone and some less that one minute. Sometimes this extreme can occur in one garden.

Check the drainage with this test, your sense of reality will be challenged.(You don't know dirt!) :-)

  1. Dig a hole, 8 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches.
  2. Fill a bucket with one gallon of water
  3. Dump the whole bucket in the hole at once
  4. Time approximately how long it takes for the water to drain out of the hole into the soil. (Wait a couple of days after a rain during the winter.)
Which types of mulch will be used on your garden, if any?
Mulch types:

Note: Mulch drives ecosystems.